Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids with this fun and EASY breakfast recipe.

a half gallon carton of 1% milk surrounded by powdered sugar and cinnamon rolls uncooked.
cinnamon rolls in the shape of four leaf clovers on a green plate with a green backdrop. Green frosting is spread all over the cinnamon rolls.

Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls


– Packaged cinnamon rolls

– Producers Milk

– Powdered Sugar

– Green Food Dye


– Open the cinnamon rolls package and unroll the cinnamon rolls. You might need to use a knife to help you so it doesn’t rip.

– Cut the length into 5 equal peices.

– Shape 4 ofthe small peices into loops to look like 4-leaf clover shamrocks.

– The last peice curve in a way to look like the stem and connect all the peices.

– Bake according to the package instructions, but make sure to watch them because they won’t need to cook as long.

– While your shamrocks are cooking, take the packaged frosting  and place it in a bowl with some Producers Milk, powdered sugar, and green dye. Mix until creamy, and add milk or powdered sugar until you have desired texture.

– Let cinnamon rolls cool, add frosting, and SERVE!