Believe it or not this is a serious issue. Dairy product manufactures lose on the average 5,000 milk cases per year. This loss in materials accounts for loss in revenues, which in turn effects our purpose of Nourishing Lives One At A Time.


Is it legal to purchase Producers Dairy Milk Crates?

No.  We recycle any old or damaged crates in order to create new crates independently. We never sell milk crates. Do not purchases crates from any third party, because the sale is not legal as such crates are stolen property.

Is Milk Crate theft a serious issue?

Yes, the theft of milk crates hurts the environment and costs the dairy industry more than $80 million a year.  Milk crate theft increases gas emissions because of increased manufacturing and also drives up the price of milk.

What if I see someone using a Producers Dairy Milk Crate for personal use?

Please ask them to return the crate to us immediately, which can be done by dropping it off at any store that sells Producers products.  Otherwise, it is theft, which is a crime in California. (Cal. Pen. Code, § 484.)

Who do I contact if I have a Producers Milk Crate to return?

Call us at 1-800-660-1171 or email us at You may also drop any Producers Milk Crate at any store that sells Producers products.

Can I recycle Producers Milk Crates?

It is illegal to obliterate the company owner’s name on the milk cases and crate, this includes illegal shredding. Those involved in the recycling, shredding or destruction process need to obtain a copy of the bill of sale or other evidence of ownership, which is not possible with Producers crates because we never sell crates. Recycling re-processors caught shredding plastic milk crates/plastic carrying cases will be subject to criminal prosecution, which can carry a prison term as a felony. (Cal. Pen. Code, § § 487, 666.)